Severance Letter Analysis and Negotiation

Severance negotiations are unique. And very often the employee does not have the resources available to an employer. In these circumstances I am able to act as a direct counselor to you. My range of involvement is something you decide. I provide a variety of services from analysis of proposed severance agreements for a flat fee, up to full representation at mediation for a contingency percentage.

When you are leaving your job, and going to get paid out to do so, it is important to have an advocate ensuring you receive the proper amount. I also will fight other important issues such as a neutral reference, having separations listed as voluntary resignation with eligibility for rehire, and non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses.

Sometimes an employer wants to depart with an employee due to a multitude of reasons. You deserve an attorney’s support and opinion in what could be the most valuable negotiation of your career.


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