Harassment Investigations

While it is often tempting to appoint someone within your organization, such as in-house Human Resources or a Senior Vice President you trust to conduct an investigation, this often will only lead to financial and legal trouble.

Very often these ‘investigations’ only lead to a pre-determined conclusion that the employer’s or supervisor’s behavior is acceptable and then the employee gets branded as a ‘troublemaker’ who is eventually terminated. And then you have a really bad lawsuit on your hands.

If litigation were to arise, one of the first tactics used against you and your company will be to attack the credibility and worthiness of your investigation.

How much confidence do you have in your managers and HR to make sure they are objectively investigating all of the facts and circumstances of a harassment claim, and presenting you with a legally sound investigation and conclusion? This will be the first hole plaintiff’s counsel will poke in your defense.

I conduct objective, thorough investigations, that will provide you with a clear and thorough understanding of what happened so you can make an honest and realistic decision. This decision may hurt a loyal, long term employee or supervisor, but in the end, failure to make this decision effectively could destroy your business.

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