Flex Time

Banked Flex Time

Banked Flex time does not really exist, but your employer definitely has to pay you on it when you exert your rights. How many times have you been told that you can “bank time” to be used at a later date rather than receive overtime?

If you are like many who have fallen into this trap, you could have years of “banked time” that you will never see. You have the right to demand your employer pay you, and you have a protected right at that. As a protected right, when you assert your right to be paid what you are owed then you cannot be retaliated against. Retaliation can take many forms by way of unfair disciplinary action, denial of promotion or pay increase, and even in most severe circumstances, termination. And while it is little of assurance to many that they can file another lawsuit when they lose their job, knowing that asserting this is a protected right can help give you the strength to step forward and help stop bad employer practices.


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