Overtime Compliance – New Rules on December 1

New Overtime Rules Start on December 1 – Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act

To control overtime and prevent lawsuits for unpaid overtime,  it is important to understand the new changes to the laws that take affect on December 1.

As we head into a new year, taking the offense on compliance will help you start 2017 without distraction.

I can help you adopt of these new laws.

  1. First, you and your team need to understand how the changes and laws affect them.
  2. Second, create policies that align with your business goals and monitor overtime.
  3. Third, train your managers to maintain accurate timekeeping records and implement corrective action for employees who fail to respect overtime rules.

It is not difficult to create a compliance oriented culture  My experience in Human Resources working with companies such as Target, multi-facility assisted living facilities, and small $1-$5 m business owners, can benefit you.

I will come to your office, meet with your staff, learn your business, create policy and practices, and train you and your managers.

Call or provide your information via the ‘contact me’ and let’s get started.


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