Employee Corrective Action

Are you providing your staff with written corrective action? If not, you should be! It is easy to help your employees do better when you give them substantive feedback. Corrective actions are also very important because they allow you to discipline and if needed, eventually terminate an employee with confidence knowing that you gave them every chance possible to correct their action before they were terminated.

I have fired hundreds of people and always, with the use of documentation and fair notice to the employee via corrective actions (and a handbook and policy with procedure), the terminations are without legal complications and, most often, the employee is accepting of the termination because clearly the job was not working for them.

I can help you and your management team learn how to manage your staff with a progressive disciplinary action plan and how to properly document feedback given to employees so they can be held accountable later.

Corrective actions are a necessary tool to help you with your workforce.

Typical Corrective Action Procedures are as follows:

  • Oral Warning
  • Written Reprimand
Corrective Action Plans

  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Behavior Improvement Plan


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