Sexual Harassment Training

Employers have a duty to make sure they have a safe workplace for their employees. Today, this means that not only must you have a physically safe workplace, you must have a workplace culture that is safe for people to be themselves.

Employers should, for their own benefit, create a workplace where employees feel safe and respected, discrimination and harassment cannot be tolerated. Harassers cannot be ignored.

Employers can protect their workforce (and themselves from legal liability) if they take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring.

Employers should take the following steps to protect their business:

At a minimum, your supervisory staff should be trained regarding sexual harassment every two years. The reinforcement of a respectful, harassment-free environment.

All employers are prohibited from harassing their employees. If harassment does take place, an employer can be liable even if he is not aware of the harassment. However, an employer can protect themselves if they had no knowledge of the harassment, the harassment was not committed by a manager, AND by having in place a program to protect their employees from harassment.

Employers should take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring, and I can help you create a plan suitable for your business and your workforce.

Employers must also ensure they have trained all staff to report harassment and to ensure staff they will not be retaliated against.


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