Retaliation for Filing a Complaint

When an employer does not want to follow the law or is creating a danger to the public, and you are brave and bring your concerns to management or the appropriate government agency. You do your duty to follow both the law and protect the business’s best interest, and then you are treated poorly, or worse, you are fired.

In a world where honesty and ethics remain the foundation of capitalism, it is normal for employers to NOT retaliate or seek revenge against their own employees. The goal is to become more efficient, more compliant, and more competitive in the marketplace.

However, not all people and organizations operate with these values or guiding principles. When fear strikes inside an organization, conspiring and nasty behavior from your co-employees and supervisors will begin.

The question is how to tell when the target has been moved to your back?

My best answer is that you will feel it! In your gut, you will know a dark cloud has appeared, and then its up to you to protect yourself from the inevitable, your demotion, termination, or ever worse, a hostile work environment that forces you to hate your life at work and want to quit.

When they do strike out at you for doing the right thing, and you in turn become the victim, very often you do have a right to obtain justice. I can help you.

If you are still employed, here are some of the things to look out for:

Do not let them paint you into a corner. If you are still employed, now is the time to respond with your side of the story. Do not be afraid.

The path of resistance and standing up for yourself is not one that is often traveled, nor is it one that is easy, but with proper legal counsel, you can move forward with your life and perhaps change the future for countless others who have been or would have been a victim of the action you identified as wrong.


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